In Preparation for MegaCon!

In Preparation for MegaCon!

Wonderous day to one and all!

Things are really bustling here at Mrs. Pettigrew's.  The airship dock has been going non-stop with the unloading of supplies for us to create our one of a kind feathered creations, bathroom sundries (soaps, lotion, etc,), and jewelry.

If you hadn't guessed we are getting ourselves ready for our next big show in Orlando Florida..."MegaCon"!  We are all giddy with excitement and look forward to meeting everyone there.  Make sure you stop by and say hello!

Commander Harrington Ezekiel Gunner, who is in charge of our airship the "Daydream" is now loading up the inventory as we speak and we have a few surprises in store for you.  But fret not my dears ....we still have the same tried and true products that you have come to enjoy at Mrs. Pettigrew's. 

Our inventory is getting more diverse as the days plot on, and we are really excited about our new steampunk mask line.  We will be bringing in more to the shows, and adding them to our inventory on-line very shortly.

Well all, I must be off to make sure the Commander is getting everything packed in prior to our departure on Sunday.  Hopefully, the skies will be clear and smooth sailing.


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