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FD-1013L -1825 Italian Percussion Flintlock - Brass

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Cap lock or Percussion Lock pistols were so called because the lock system causes a percussion cap to be struck by the hammer when the trigger is pulled. The powder inside the cap ignites and this, in turn, ignites the main powder charge, which propels a lead ball from the barrel. Most (though not all) cap lock firearms were loaded from the muzzle of the gun (muzzle loaders). The Cap lock was a great improvement over the flintlock as it was less susceptible to weather-related misfires. The original of this pistol was made in Brescia, Italy in about 1825. This non-firing version is accurately detailed and shows typical Italian craftsmanship.  It is a great costume or conversation piece.
Overall Length: 15"
Weight: 1lb 2oz
Barrell Length: 9"